[Webinar recording] Trellix Cybersecurity Talk: How to protect Your Workstations and Servers?

Reportage | 27.11.2022

Protect Your Workstations and Servers with Machine Learning Powered Trellix Endpoint Security Solution (ENS).

Watch the first session of Trellix Security Talk: How to protect Your Workstations and Servers?

In this video in English language you will learn:

  • Solution introduction.
  • Architecture of Trellix ePO (both types - cloud and on-prem).
  • ePO redundancy and HA options - Agent Handlers / Repositories.
  • ePO Setup: practical description / introduction.
  • ePO upgrade and patch / downloads.
  • Working with dashboards (customization) and reports.
  • Working with policies and templates.
  • User management and roles.
  • Remote agent deployment.
  • Prevention / Detection / Remediation.
  • Practical ransomware example / KB53733.
  • ENS and ATP policy options.
  • Security Operations / Story Graph.

Softprom - Value Added Distributor of Trellix.