[Webinar recording] Trellix Cybersecurity Talk: How to prevent of Confidential Data Leak?

Reportage | 07.12.2022

Prevent Confidential Data Leaks with Trellix Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution.

Watch the third session of Trellix Security Talk: How to prevent of Confidential Data Leak?

In this video in English language you will learn:

  • Solution introduction.
  • Why DLP? Interesting scenarios (Presentation).
  • Architecture of DLP Solution (both types: on-prem ePO and MVISION Cloud) (Presentation).
  • Working with classifications: how to build up (Presentation).
  • Automatic / manual classification: endpoint perspective (Demo).
  • Device control rules (Demo).
  • Working with policies and templates (Demo).
  • Practical endpoint use cases: Monitoring / Justification / Block (Demo).
  • Helpdesk (Demo).
  • Dealing with off network systems / user (Demo).
  • Incident management and data protection workflow (Demo).
  • Working with evidence files (Demo).

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