[Webinar Recording] Dassault Systemes for the Construction Industry

Reportage | 31.05.2023

Dassault Systemes for the construction industry

Opportunities Dassault Systemes for the construction industry based on a single platform 3DEXPERIENCE (webinar recording 05.30.2023. Russian language).

The webinar reviewed industrial solutions based on 3DEXPERIENCE for the design, management and analysis of the construction of industrial and civil buildings.

Key topics of the webinar:

  • Industry challenges and introduction to 3DEXPERIENCE
  • General functionality of the platform (3D Models, Drawing and documents, GIS and 3D scanning, API-connected data, Flast stuctured data, Simulation data)
  • Industrial solution Building Design for Fabrication
  • Benefits of Dassault Systemes Solutions. Case-study of clients.

Dassault Systems.Construction - project planning using project management and analysis tools, subsequent development of conceptual and detailed models of any complexity, project fabrication assessment and assembly units implementation.

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