[Webinar recording] Application control and endpoint security through Ivanti Application Manager

Reportage | 19.03.2024

Demonstrating Ivanti Application Manager features. Manage application access, PC privileges, and security with minimal impact on endpoint productivity.

Issues to be discussed in the webinar:

  • Reduce risk, protect against ransomware and targeted attacks that try to take place in your environment.
  • Detailed privilege management that allows you to implement least privilege access and exclude local administrator accounts.
  • Manage application access and privilege management on PCs with minimal administration overhead.
  • Provide security with minimal impact on end-user productivity.
  • Practical cases - scope: Users with administrator privileges; Increase user privileges to install applications; Administrators with too many permissions; Applications that should be blocked; Install only approved applications.
  • Demonstration of the basic functionality of Ivanti Application Manager.