[Webinar recording] AI in SketchUp. Professional tools for an architect in Studio lisence

Reportage | 14.03.2024

SketchUp Studio: a package of professional tools from 3D modeling and rendering to artificial intelligence (webinar recording from 03/14/2024).

Webinar language: Russian

You will learn about the unique tools in the Studio package: Revit to SketchUp importer, V-Ray visualization, Scan Essentials - converting a point cloud into a 3D model.

The webinar will be of interest to both experienced SketchUp users and those who are just planning to start working in the most popular 3D modeling program.

Key topics:

  • SketchUp Studio. Professional tools package.
  • Interaction with Revit. Revit Importer - you've never seen import of Revit files so quickly.
  • Scan Essentials. Modeling from point cloud data.
  • V-Ray for SketchUp. High quality visualization.
  • SketchUp Diffusion. Artificial Intelligence in SketchUp.

Softprom — distributor SketchUp.