VPN connections are increasingly vulnerable. But is there any VPN alternative?

News | 28.08.2020

To be effective today, companies allow remote access to corporate data and applications to employees, and more - to partners and contractors. There are many channels to open in the firewall. But it is enough to have at least one unprotected channel or administrator`s mistake to be attacked. Business shut down as a consequence will lead to financial losses and customer disloyalty. VPN connections, which usually provide users with remote access, are increasingly vulnerable. In July 2020, 20 millions data of free VPN services users were published on the Web. 

According to Gartner, 60% of organizations will have phased out most of their VPNs by 2023.

Is there a VPN alternative?

Safe-T is a solution for secure and simplified access to applications and files based on the ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) architecture. Safe-T makes it easy to create such a work environment, where you can afford everything. And trust nothing. The patented Safe-T Reverse Access technology eliminates the need to open any ports inside the firewall and allows secure access to applications between networks (through the firewall).

Another technology for expansion of existing VPN - ZoneZero - allows organizations to use a network access architecture with zero confidence, without abandoning existing VPN, but enhancing it.

Which values does the client receive?

  1. Increase of secure access to an organization's applications and files by controlling access to resources based on identity and context, reducing or eliminating the possibility of attacks.
  2. The isolation provided by ZTNA improves connectivity by eliminating the need for applications to directly access to the Internet.
  3. Cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployments are available to suit your needs.

Competitive advantages. Safe-T solution:

  • isolates sensitive applications, verifying the authenticity of users before granting access
  • has built-in User Behavior Analytics (UBA) for in-depth exploration of authenticated users, detection and prevention of internal threats
  • seamless integration, ease of deployment and administration
  • flexibility of customization - cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment is available according to the needs of the enterprise.

Safe-T helps your company to become more resistant to cyberattacks and secure your most important asset – information!