Votiro Cloud Shields Microsoft Teams Against File-borne Cyber Threats

News | 10.01.2024

Virtual collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams are essential for businesses with remote workers, providing efficiency and convenience. However, they also increase the risk of cyber threats by broadening the attack surface. This article explores the cybersecurity risks associated with Microsoft Teams and the protective measures offered by Votiro Cloud.

Cybersecurity Risks in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, like other communication technologies, is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The platform's frequent use for file sharing, involving numerous users both within and outside an organization, creates opportunities for cybercriminals. These attackers often use deceptive messages or emails, appearing to come from reliable sources, to trick users into disclosing sensitive information or downloading harmful files. For instance, in September 2023, a hacker group named Storm-0324 orchestrated phishing attacks through Microsoft Teams, using a malicious SharePoint-hosted file. Teams is also susceptible to malware spread through infected files in chats or channels and can be compromised by third-party integrations, presenting significant security challenges for all organizations.

Securing Microsoft Teams with Votiro Cloud

Votiro Cloud, an advanced content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) platform, integrates with Microsoft Teams to prevent malicious files from entering the user environment. It monitors file upload events in Microsoft Teams, processes files through the Votiro file sanitization engine to remove malware, and returns safe files to the user. If a file is found to be malicious, it is blocked, and the user is notified. Votiro Cloud gives administrators control over file sanitization settings in Teams, allowing selective protection and dynamic updates to whitelisted Teams. It automatically manages the creation and deletion of new channels and user changes in whitelisted Teams.

How Votiro Cloud Works with Microsoft Teams

Installing Votiro Cloud is straightforward, enabling immediate protection against file-borne threats. It offers flexibility, allowing organizations to update Microsoft Teams configurations as needed. Votiro Cloud silently works in the background, sanitizing files in various scenarios, such as attachments in channel messages or files sent in chats by members of protected teams. It automatically configures sanitization for new channels and members, and removes configurations for deleted channels or users. The sanitization process is quick, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the files.

Monitoring and Reporting with Votiro Cloud

Votiro provides extensive monitoring and reporting features. Organizations can view Microsoft Teams traffic information and analyze incidents through the Votiro Management dashboard and Incidents page.

Conclusion: Enhancing Microsoft Teams Security

Microsoft Teams is a valuable tool for collaboration but is vulnerable to cyber threats. Votiro Cloud’s robust API solution for Microsoft Teams enables organizations to safeguard their data and communications, ensuring a secure and efficient digital workspace.

Votiro is an award-winning cybersecurity company that specializes in file sanitization, ensuring every organization is safe from zero-day and undisclosed attacks.

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