Google Chat. Voice messages and enhancing the Files tab

News | 08.04.2024

Access and sort shared files within a space in Google Chat more easily

Shared in Google Chat more easily. Available to all Google Workspace customers

Google is enhancing the Files tab in Google Chat spaces to improve upon the file management experience and create a central place to manage all conversation-related artifacts. The updated tab will now be called Shared.

In addition to the new tab name, you will also notice a refreshed user interface and features like a sort drop-down menu, support for shared links and media files, and more.

This update reflects continued effort to make Google Chat the central hub for project and team collaboration in Google Workspace.

The new Shared tab improves team collaboration by providing a centralized and visible method to access shared content shared within a space.

Using the new sort drop-down, you can narrow down the list of documents displayed based on category (file, link, media) or date shared.

Available to all Google Workspace customers.

Send voice messages in Google Chat

Send voice messages in Google Chat mobile. Google Workspace 2024

In continuing our efforts to improve the Google Chat experience and help ensure it’s a useful tool for seamless communication, especially when on the go, Google is excited to introduce voice messages on Chat mobile (with web support coming soon).

Sending a voice message instead of typing enables you to save time, convey more information, and emphasize the most important information for the message receiver. We hope this highly requested feature helps you communicate with others more effectively.

  • You can send voice messages on mobile (to direct messages, group chats and spaces) and receive them on all platforms, including web. However, you cannot send voice messages on the web at this time.
  • To record on your Android or iOS device, tap the microphone icon > start speaking > watch a live waveform visualize your voice. A timer counts up so you know exactly how long you've been recording.
  • You can preview and then send your voice message or delete it and try again if needed.
  • Voice messages can be interacted with (quoted, reacted to, replied to in thread, etc.) just like any other Chat message.

Admins: This feature will be ON by default and can be disabled at the domain or OU level by disabling all attachments.