What Makes XProtect Ideal for Safe Cities?

News | 25.01.2024

Milestone XProtect — one VMS meets multiple needs.

Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) lets you customize the ideal video solution for law enforcement. It’s easy to use, always analyzing, and always ready to help customers with data-driven decision-making. XProtect is GDPR-certified and FIPS-compliant, upholding the privacy and dignity of citizens.

Milestone Systems understands the challenges that city police face daily — fighting crime, ensuring the safety of citizens, and building trust within the community. Milestone’s video technology empowers city officials to enhance situational awareness, respond swiftly, improve operational efficiencies, make informed data-driven decisions, and do more with limited resources.

XProtect is flexible, future-proof, and built for the unique needs of city police. It’s an open platform integrating cameras, sensors, and analytics. The open platform means that Milestone’s customers are free to choose the cameras, sensors, and analytics that fit their needs and budget, without being tied down to a particular model or supplier.

XProtect stands out as the go-to VMS for city police and Real Time Crime Centers.

  • XProtect helps its customers to easily store, retrieve, archive, and share video footage securely.
  • XProtect allows expanding coverage by adding cameras for a rapid response to changing operational needs.

With XProtect, customers can see assets and devices on a map in real time. Monitor resource locations, officer movements, and critical infrastructure, for rapid responses and informed decision-making.

XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an XProtect extension that features a Video Synopsis tool that can review hours of footage in just minutes. Centralized Search ensures the quick and efficient discovery of required video footage.

XProtect has thousands of integrated solutions, including various analytics, which is perfect for cities needing to expand and customize their systems while sticking to a single platform.

Milestone offers multiple software XProtect editions to meet specific customer’s needs. Large-scale, high-security deployments are perfect for XProtect Expert or XProtect Corporate.

Discover Milestone’s video technology for enhancing safety and security for your safe city.


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