[Video] How anomaly detection works

Reportage | 01.06.2023

Anomaly detection is a crucial process in ensuring the smooth and safe operation of industrial systems. By monitoring data from various sensors, anomaly detection can identify deviations from normal operation and provide early warnings of potential issues.

In this video, Rhebo, a leading provider of industrial monitoring solutions, explains how anomaly detection works.

Rhebo's expert team takes us through the various steps involved in anomaly detection, from collecting data to analyzing it and identifying anomalies. They explain how their cutting-edge technology can identify even the smallest deviations from normal operation and provide insights into the underlying causes of the issue.

Through clear examples and easy-to-understand explanations, Rhebo shows us how anomaly detection can help businesses optimize their operations, prevent downtime, and ensure the safety of their workers and equipment. Whether you are a business owner, industrial manager, or simply interested in learning about the latest advances in industrial monitoring technology, this video is sure to provide valuable insights into how anomaly detection works.

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