Synology Router

Synology Router

Revolutionize your networking experience

Synology Router Manager (SRM) is a powerful operating system designed for Synology networking products. The intuitive interface makes network management easy for power users and professional ITs.

Connectivity Management

Advanced network management and instant recovery mechanism satisfying stringent requirements and achieving maximum Internet uptime. 

Wireless Control

Wireless coverage extending, automatic band steering, and guest network support for easy Wi-Fi management. 

Traffic Management

Fine-tune your network on a per-device and application basis with detailed traffic control, monitoring and reports. 

Parental Control

Define device access schedules and apply constantly-updated web filters, even from your mobile device. 


Frequently updated and strengthened to guard against emerging threats. 

VPN Plus

Transform your remote work experience with clientless WebVPN, high-speed Synology SSL VPN, Site-to-Site VPN, and more. 

Multimedia Hub and Personal Cloud

Build multimedia server with external storage attached to leverage file sharing, syncing, and backup in your own cloud. 

Network Add-ons

Install additional packages to easily expand the network management functionalities according to your needs.

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