Chiller Line

Chiller Line

Reliable and cost-effective cooling with water


Cyber Cool 1

With a cooling capacity of up to 235 kW per unit, STULZ CyberCool 1 permanently supplies precision air-conditioning units in data centers with chilled water, thereby providing the basis for reliable closed-circuit cooling.

CSO Benefits

  • Quiet, high-efficiency scroll compressor
  • Timer-controlled operation for lower noise emissions
  • Easy, fast installation and start-up
  • Speed-controlled condenser fans for slow ongoing operation at low outside temperatures

CLO Benefits

  • Cuts lifecycle costs by up to 40 % by strategic switching between Free Cooling, Mixed and Compressor Cooling modes and the systematic use of steplessly controlled drives
  • Noise-insulated compressor chamber
  • Noise-optimized condenser fan configuration with lower speed range
  • Halves perceived noise by reducing noise by up to 10 dBA

Cyber Cool 2

These units, which were designed and produced in Hamburg, boast a cooling capacity from 50 to as much as 1,400 kW and are available as an air-cooled version. Thanks to the diverse range of available options and the intelligent control technology, the new CyberCool 2 is one of the most cost-effective chillers.


Noise-optimized design
encapsulated compressor chamber, fans with large surface area, ample coil surfaces
Low energy consumption
Featuring high-quality components and an innovative product design, the CyberCool 2 boosts the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system to the max.
Reliable operation
During the development of CyberCool 2 high-end chillers, no downtimes and absolutely reliable 24/7 operation in the Data Center were the primary objectives.
Innovative control
The CyberCool 2 is ideal for integration in existing systems and can be controlled to perfection by the STULZ control system.
Made and Engineered in Germany
Use is made exclusively of system components commonly available on the market and adapted for industry. This ensures the best possible spare parts supply and constant availability.
Ongoing quality management during production
Every CyberCool 2 is tested in mechanical and electrical test runs to ensure perfect function and performance.


The STULZ Explorer is a chiller suitable for a variety of applications. The Explorer series allows STULZ to offer a budget-optimized, state-of-the-art chiller with the high flexibility it takes to meet a wide range of customer requirements.


Compact design
The Explorer offers maximum cooling capacity with a minimal footprint.
High-quality components with easy access for maintenance purposes
Standardized components
By using state-of-the-art components that are commonly found on the market, rapid availability of spare parts is guaranteed.
Innovative control
STULZ's own control system with touch display enables the STULZ Explorer to be perfectly integrated in existing systems.
Due to the reduced piping lengths and the microchannel coils, the Explorer contains only a small amount of refrigerant and protects the environment.
A targeted selection of options as well as the possible customization allow it to be adapted to customer requirements.
2 Cooling circuits

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