SketchUp for Web

SketchUp for Web

SketchUp for Web - professional modeling tool in web browser.

SketchUp for Web - professional modeling tool in web browser.

Start modeling right away

Modeling in SketchUp for Web takes just three steps:

  • Open your favorite browser.
  • Launch SketchUp.
  • Get creative!

Model once, cut once

3D modeling is the ultimate form of measurement. With SketchUp you can pre-build projects in 3D before you head to the hardware store.

Create project references

SketchUp models are useful references for your project. Save important views and send them to a phone or tablet. Or, generate reference drawings to print or share with others.

Powered by the web

With SketchUp for Web, the canvas for your next idea is just a browser tab away. Our web-based modeler is a streamlined version of our desktop app that uses the same core technology. And, by saving projects to Trimble Connect, you’re always working on the most up-to-date version of a model; you can even look-up version history. SketchUp for Web also auto-saves, so in-progress modeling is recovered on those occasions you push your browser a bit too far.

Compare your options

One size doesn’t fit all. Pick the plan that has the features you need.