An innovative topology for industrial analytics.

SigaInsight Innovative Topology for Industrial Analytics SIGA’s core solution is a next-generation anomaly detection platform which is based on securing raw data duplication, based on fully out-of-band hardware, reliable encrypted data delivery and multi-layered analysis aiming to identify process abnormalities and generate new and valuable operational insights. The SIGA solution is comprising both a hardware layer installed in the critical infrastructure, to measure low-level electric signals and a software layer applying advanced analytics. The electrical signals are acquired directly from the control loop between the PLC and the sensors/ actuators, using uni-directional isolators, into a separate network. This raw data is analyzed by the SigaInsight smart AI engine providing a real-time, totally reliable status of the critical end devices of the OT network, and send smart notifications according to customer specs. SigaInsight offers operational teams an Autonomous Inspection, Monitoring and Analytical Solution for operational optimization and situational awareness. By monitoring the richest and most reliable source of operational data, and by activating powerful machine learning tools

  • Constant detection of pre-configured and “hidden” anomalies and inefficiencies, often at their initial evolvement stage.
  • Granular process visibility – unparalleled resolution.
  • Independent validation of PLC output.
  • Situational awareness of critical operations – 24/7 anywhere.
  • Out of Band: unidirectional secure data export – 0 exposure to cybersecurity threats.
  • Detection of simple and complex correlations between different machines or i/o’s.
  • Independent data archiving – enabler for root cause analysis and fast recovery of operational processes.
  • Enabler for continuous operation even when the ICS/SCADA system is compromised or shut down.
  • Seamless ½ day installation, simple integration & intuitive and friendly UI.
  • Enabler for “… as a Service” remote service offerings.
  • Affordable solution / Flexible as a Service pricing.
  • An enabler to maximize uptime, optimize yield, improve asset health and eliminate bottlenecks in any industrial environment.