Rhebo IoT Device Protection

Rhebo IoT Device Protection

Embedded Cybersecurity Automation for IoT Networks

End-To-End Cybersecurity For IoT Devices

Rhebo IoT Device Protection is a dedicated IoT monitoring solution that protects connected IoT devices from cyberattacks, manipulation and technical error states. Anomaly detection and automated threat mitigation ensure embedded system security for industrial IoT devices and the global IoT network.

  • Intelligent Incident Detection & Response... for connected IoT devices through fine-grained behavioral analytics with anomaly detection.
  • Automated IoT Device & Network Protection... through flexible security policies tailored to your applications and devices.
  • Instant Visibility Of Risk Exposure...... from the fleet to single IoT devices through dedicated IoT security monitoring solution.
  • Reduction Of Downtime Costs... through central IoT analytics platform with detailed reporting on security events and technical error states.
  • Cost-Efficient Security Upgrade... on entire IoT device fleet through low footprint and minimally invasive integration.
  • Easy Deployment... in green- and brownfield IoT projects through extensive hardware support and IoT platform-agnostic approach.

Insecure IoT Devices and Networks - The challenges for industrial IoT networks

IoT devices are smart and connected but hardly ever secure. Often they are connected to the central IoT platform via private networks or the internet. A compromised device can quickly spread an infection to the entire fleet. Particularly large fleets of connected IoT devices become a risk for operations – because of ransomware, sophisticated attacks, botnets or Advanced Persistent Threats.

Vendors of industrial and distributed IoT devices need an intelligent, automated detection and response system for embedded IoT device security. This system must identify novel attack patterns and must protect the fleet via automated threat mitigation.

Anomaly Detection and IoT Cybersecurity Automation - Embedded system security: worldwide and cost-efficient

Rhebo IoT Device Protection monitors all communication on the connected IoT devices and within the entire IoT network, using anomaly detection. Data packets are analysed down to value level using Deep Packet Inspection technology. Anomalies are blocked in real-time.

The automated threat mitigation policies can be flexibly adapted to any IoT application. Attacks are stopped locally to prevent the spread of an infection. This ensures the security of both the IoT device and the entire IoT network. Furthermore, any technical error state gets reported to the central IoT device management.

Rhebo IoT Device Protection can be operated on-premise or as Managed Detection Response.