OnDOMAIN rapidly uncovers and takes down impersonation domains.

Uncover and take down lookalike domains on day zero

For security-first organizations who need to protect their domain perimeter, OnDOMAIN rapidly uncovers and takes down impersonation domains.

Why organizations choose OnDomain

  • Domain discovery: Unlike other domain monitoring products that only look at top-level domains (TLDs), OnDOMAIN monitors subdomains too. Any parked, forgotten, and impersonation domains are uncovered, and no stone is left unturned.
  • Comprehensive investigation: OnDOMAIN constantly absorbs and examines intelligence from a wide array of data sources to paint the full picture of a domain’s health and validity. This includes rasterized web snapshots, certificate registration, DNS signals, live spam data, and web content with a history of changes available for analyst review.
  • Logo management and detection: OnDOMAIN allows you to defend and define your brand perimeter. Upload your brand assets to OnDOMAIN's logo library and it will train itself to recognize them across the web. When the logo detection service determines that assets are being illegitimately used, these findings increase the speed with which a takedown can be initiated.
  • Integrated takedown: Remove any doubt about attacks in their preparation phase using evidence gathered by OnDOMAIN in real-time. Sort threats by their imminence, save time with event-driven alerts and issue one-click takedown notices once an impersonation domain has been identified.

OnDOMAIN streamlines the SecOps triage process

Research shows that 61% of companies with IT departments say they would benefit from additional technology for managing alerts, such as automated SIEM alert triage with actionable insights. OnDOMAIN supports the capacity and information overload problem that exists for teams trying to stay on top of protecting their domain perimeter.

We solve this by giving users the context they need to take action and minimize time spent investigating suspicious activity. OnDOMAIN also integrates with your SIEM and SOAR in order to push actionable signals to SecOps teams for fast and efficient response.

How OnDOMAIN protects you from threats outside your perimeter

  1. Uncover OnDOMAIN monitors 150 million newly active hostnames every day making it easy for you to define and visualize complex domain estates.
  2. Investigate OnDOMAIN paints the full picture of a domain’s health and validity to reveal vulnerabilities so you can take action to prevent them.
  3. Take Down OnDOMAIN provides integrated takedown enabled in partnership with industry specialists to defend your brand against abuse and reputational damage.

Interoperablity of the Red Sift Platform

OnDOMAIN is the latest addition to the award-winning Red Sift cybersecurity suite. It integrates with OnINBOX for automated supply-chain analysis and OnDMARC for a detailed view of your existing domains. This means that data and processes can be shared across different branches of the IT department, providing organizations with layered, enterprise-level threat protection.