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Stop spoofing attacks and block email impersonation with OnDMARC

Follow clear actions to secure your inbox and boost email deliverability and blast through the 10 SPF lookup limit with OnDMARC.

Why organizations choose OnDMARC

  • Fast-track your DMARC journey: Auto-classification of legitimate email senders from OnDMARC's growing database of 500+ sources means the average time to enforcement is just 4-8 weeks.
  • Surface bad senders with threat intelligence: OnDMARC's threat intelligence automatically identifies threats, and explains why, to help you block them faster.
  • Save time with simplified management: Manage SPF, DMARC, DKIM (and soon BIMI) from right inside OnDMARC’s interface. No need to keep going back to your DNS provider.
  • Reliable automation for service resilience: With OnDMARC you can simplify your SPF journey, break free from the SPF 10 lookup limit and be confident your mail is automatically authenticated.

Gartner: Red Sift is recognized as a Representative for DMARC and Brand Protection by Gartner - 2020 Market Guide for Email Security.

OnDMARC’s 3 steps to protection

OnDMARC simplifies the complexities of the email security protocol, DMARC, by automating processes and providing clear instructions on how to block unauthorized use of your domain. This protects business email communications both internally and externally with customers, suppliers and partners.

  1. Insight See who is using your domain to send fake emails.
  2. Action Auto-classify legitimate senders and surface the bad.
  3. Protection Stop criminals sending fraudulent emails in your name.