Reliable Traffic Capture in a Portable Package

ProfiSharks are portable traffic capture devices that provide quick packet-level insight anywhere they are deployed.

With capture regardless of packet rate and high quality hardware timestamping, ProfiShark delivers high fidelity capture files, forming an ideal starting point for troubleshooting or network forensics. Designed for easy, non-intrusive traffic capture, ProfiShark offers a valuable improvement over less performant options, such as SPAN ports on a switch or direct capture on a laptop. They give reliable insight into the network, ensuring the quality of analysis, and optimizing workflow, without dropping any packets.

Connected via USB to a host PC or laptop, in-line or out-of-band traffic can be forwarded directly to packet analyzer software, like Wireshark, or stored to disk. To ensure optimum network protection, the monitored network is physically separated from the management interface. The capture control and hardware settings can be managed via the included ProfiShark Manager application.

How ProfiSharks work:

  1. STRAIGHTFORWARD SETUP AND MANAGEMENT. Place ProfiShark in the line of the packets you want to analyze and use the ProfiShark Manager GUI to control hardware and packet capture settings.
  2. Š—CAPTURE HIGH FIDELITY NETWORK TRAFFIC. Capture all bytes, with high accuracy timestamping, regardless of packet rate.
  3. MULTIPLE TRAFFIC CAPTURE OPTIONS AVAILABLE. Direct capture to disk without the need for external software, live capture with Wireshark or other packet analyzer, or long-term traffic capture on a NAS.
  4. WIDE OS SUPPORT. ProfiShark is supported on the main OS choices on the market today: Linux, Windows, and macOS.
ProfiSharks by Profitap

ProfiSharks helps you:

  • QUICKLY GET PACKET-LEVEL INSIGHT. ProfiShark enables complete data capture in a portable form factor. This means you can deploy rapidly anywhere, and capture the traffic data you need, with no performance impact on your production network.
  • GET TRACE FILES YOU CAN RELY ON. To help optimize your analysis workflow and consume less disk storage, ProfiShark offers packet slicing capabilities, making sure you only get actionable data.
  • GET TRANSPARENT AND NON-INTRUSIVE ACCESS. Capture network data without impacting security or performance. The ProfiShark and host PC will not show up as a node on the network. Network connection is maintained, even when power to the ProfiShark is disconnected. ProfiShark is set up to passthrough PoE.
  • GET THE TIMESTAMP ACCURACY YOU NEED. Accurate timestamping is essential for the analysis of performance metrics like TCP flow throughput, delay, and jitter. ProfiShark offers models with down to 5ns hardware timestamping, and advanced GPS/PPS timestamping features on the + models.

ProfiShark Devices

ProfiShark 100M

ProfiShark 100M


TAP & Troubleshooter for Industrial Networks.

ProfiShark 1G

ProfiShark 1G


Advanced Gigabit Network TAP

ProfiShark 1G

ProfiShark 1G +

Gigabit Network TAP with Advanced Timestamping

ProfiShark 10G

ProfiShark 10G

1G/10G Copper and Fiber Network Troubleshooting Solution.

ProfiShark 10G and more

ProfiShark 10G+

1G/10G Copper and Fiber TAP with Advanced Timestamping