Fiber TAPs

Fiber TAPs

Reliable, secure traffic access for your fiber networks.

Profitap fiber TAPs provide secure in-line network access for the monitoring of 1–400 Gbps fiber networks.

By splitting the light flowing on the network link, fiber TAPs deliver an exact copy of the data for real-time monitoring and analysis, without disrupting the network. Passive fiber optic TAPs require no power, and therefore introduce no point of failure when deployed in a network.

Profitap fiber TAPs are extensively tested before and after assembly by our team of experts, and are available in various split ratios and configurations to meet your specific requirements.

Fiber TAP Solutions

High-Density Modular TAP

High-Density Modular TAP

The MOD-TAP is a modular fiber optic TAP solution that supports different network speeds from 100Mbps to 400Gbps. The MOD-TAP provides flexibility that allows you to combine TAP modules with different speeds in a single chassis.

LC Fiber TAP

LC Fiber TAPs

Non-Intrusive, passive LC Fiber TAPs that provide permanent in-line network access for the monitoring of 1-100G fiber optic links and offer a low-insertion loss with flexible split ratios.


MTP Fiber TAPs

Profitap MTP Fiber TAPs are high-density MTP Fiber Optic TAPs that provide access to in-line monitoring of 40/100G fiber optic networks, ensuring complete visibility of your 40GBASE-SR4, 100GBASE-SR4, and 100GBASE-SR10 networks without packet loss.

SC Fiber TAP

SC Fiber TAPs

Profitap SC Fiber Optic TAPs are highly-performant devices providing safe and secure access to live traffic in high-speed networks. Completely invisible to the network, Profitap SC Fiber TAPs do not introduce a point of failure to the network.

Regeneration TAP

Regeneration TAPs

Profitap Regeneration TAPs provide secure, permanent in-line access for monitoring a single fiber optic link by multiple analyzers simultaneously. Completely invisible to the network, the TAP does not introduce a point of failure to the network.

Portable Fiber TAP

Portable Fiber TAPs

Profitap portable Fiber TAPs provide passive, non-intrusive in-line network access to data flowing across the network. Profitap portable Fiber TAPs deliver the exact duplicate of the signal on the network link without any disruption to the network. Their portable design allows them to be easily transported and deployed in the field.