Bypass TAPs

Bypass TAPs

Bypass TAPs - Keep your network operational at all times.

The Key for Keeping Your Network Safe and Secure

Bypass TAPs provide fail-safe access for active in-line network security and performance tools. In the event that an active in-line tool becomes unavailable, either due to a hardware malfunction, power loss, software problem, or planned maintenance, bypass TAPs ensure the network link stays operational.




10G Bypass TAP

A fail-safe solution that continuously checks the availability of your in-line security appliances.

40G Bypass TAP

Placed in front of in-line security appliances, the 40G Bypass TAP keeps the network link up even when they become unavailable.

4x10G Bypass TAP

In-line protection for up to 4x10G network links to keep the network fully operational during maintenance and troubleshooting.