The first in the industry cloud NAC / NAM solution Portnox CLEAR, which can be deployed quickly in any infrastructure with minimal costs

Portnox CLEAR is a cloud-based network access control (NAC) solution that greatly simplifies the management of IT security risks. The solution provides continuous monitoring of local and remote network devices, cloud environments regardless of the type of connection: wired, wireless, VPN. The main idea of ​​the solution is affordable, easy and fast in the implementation of NAC / NAM (Network Access Control and Management) for enterprises of any size, which is charged by the "pay-as-you-go" model - "pay only for what you use." The platform provides absolute visibility and monitoring of the network status, providing access to devices based on their risk profile, the "fingerprint" of the device itself, network data and user identification results.


The first in the industry cloud NAC / NAM solution Portnox CLEAR, which can be deployed quickly in any infrastructure with minimal costs and provides:

  • A single and always up-to-date database of all connected devices
  • Protection of the network from threats associated with the use of mobile devices, BYOD, IOT devices
  • Simple and easy deployment, which does not require the creation of infrastructure, training of personnel, additional hardware, etc.
  • "Cloud", easily scalable service
  • Flexible payment model only for actually used resources
  • Protection of all access levels - wireless, VPN, wired, virtual and cloudy
  • Multifactor authentication with a VPN connection based on the user ID and the degree of risk of the device
  • Continuous monitoring of risk, identification of vulnerable and suspicious end devices, automatic response to policy violations.
  • Ease of use: with the "zero touch" deployment based on the already available "cloud" infrastructure, even complex integration can be realized with just one click. Deployment of the solution can even be carried out by inexperienced users without prior knowledge or training. Advanced monitoring capabilities allow you to obtain complete information about all connected devices and violations of accepted security policies, regardless of the state of their authorization. This makes it easy and fast to build an 802.1x infrastructure
  • Constant risk monitoring: CLEAR is equipped with a powerful tool for continuous monitoring of risks from both corporate (managed) and from personal (unmanaged) devices. Unlike other NAC solutions, CLEAR monitors devices both in the corporate perimeter and beyond. It does not matter where the user tries to access the network. For example, CLEAR determines that the user has disabled disk encryption or a firewall, even if it tries to access from a cafe on the other side of the world.
  • Access control by risk level: Portnox CLEAR provides the ability to control access to a wired, wireless, VPN network based not only on reliable authentication of the user and the "fingerprint" of the device, but also taking into account the level of risk of the device. Risk levels are calculated on the basis of a variety of device parameters using machine learning techniques and profiling user behavior. Depending on the received risk-scoring, we can carry out a number of actions, for example, to place the device in quarantine, block or update, etc.
  • CLEAR also supports multifactor authentication for VPN connections.
  • Detection of IoT devices: Remote device discovery and profiling without using agents, including IoT, BYOD, VoIP devices, with the ability to collect detailed data. Ensuring the implementation of corporate security policies, even on devices without agents.
  • Network analysis: Accurate information in a convenient form about all devices in your network based on the analysis of requests to the RADIUS server.
  • It does not serve as a point of failure: "Easy" software, which is installed in the perimeter of the enterprise, allows you to control access to the network based on the archive information in case the cloud console is not available.

How Portnox Clear works

How Portnox Clear works

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Portnox Clear: NAC and Zero Trust remote access as a service