About company

OneSpan offers business solutions that provide continuous identity verification and authentication, electronic signature, virtual collaboration, and secure storage.  

Softprom promotes and distributes OneSpan's solutions in Poland, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova.

OneSpan's solution portfolio for securing digital interactions and transactions includes:

  • Identity Verification: Digital identity verification services.
  • Authentication: Secure, passwordless experiences.
  • Digipass: Social engineering fraud protection.
  • OneSpan Sign: Secure document e-signing.
  • OneSpan Sign Connectors: Pre-built e-sign integrations.
  • OneSpan Virtual Room: A secure space for high-assurance operations.
  • OneSpan Notary: Secure online notarization.
  • Mobile Security Suite: State-of-the-art mobile app security.
  • Mobile App Shielding: Full app protection from the inside out.

The company serves a variety of industries with its security solutions:

  • Financial Services: Inclusive of retail and commercial banking, lending, financing, and asset management.
  • Insurance: Tailored security solutions for the insurance sector.
  • Government: Enhanced protection for government digital infrastructures.
  • Healthcare: Secure systems for sensitive healthcare data and transactions.

OneSpan helps organizations accelerate digital transformations by enabling secure, compliant, and refreshingly easy customer agreements and transaction experiences. Organizations requiring high assurance security, including the integrity of end-users and the fidelity of transaction records behind every agreement, choose OneSpan to simplify and secure business processes with their partners and customers. Trusted by global blue-chip enterprises, including more than 60% of the world’s largest 100 banks, OneSpan processes millions of digital agreements and billions of transactions in 100+ countries annually. www.onespan.com