Tool for 3D EM analysis based on the finite element method.

Analystâ„¢ 3D FEM EM simulation and analysis simulator accelerates high-frequency product development from early physical design characterization through to full 3D EM verification. The advanced solver technology provides fast and accurate analysis of the 3D structures/interconnects found in today's complex high-frequency electronics.

Analyst Solution Provides

Integration into the design process

Analyst is an integral part of the NI AWR Design Environment and perfectly complements Microwave Office design with a powerful tool for three-dimensional electromagnetic analysis of created structures. Close integration with all modules of the software package allows the developer to concentrate on designing and optimizing the characteristics of the developed device, without being distracted by drawing structures and import / export data between individual tools.

Diagnostic tools

Electromagnetic modeling based on the finite element method (FEM) allows you to detect defects and errors in the design, which can lead to significant deviations from the desired characteristics of the device. Thanks to the powerful computational algorithms underlying Analyst, these kinds of errors can be eliminated in the early stages of design.


The extraction technology allows you to flexibly use any of the modeling technologies built into the NI AWR Design Environment or to easily take advantage of third-party solutions. Whatever task you face, you can most effectively solve it using the most suitable tools, depending on the requirements of your project.


  • 3D modeling. The technology of the simulator based on the finite element method supports the modeling of arbitrary three-dimensional structures, including thin and thick layers of metals, dielectrics of finite thickness and surface roughness, which allows Analyst to be used in the development and analysis of monolithic and radio frequency ICs, printed circuit boards and modular structures, interconnects (including wire and ball leads), as well as waveguides, coaxial connectors and cases of hybrid circuits.
  • Antenna Design. Analyst provides a full-fledged analysis of 2D and 3D antennas, including patch antennas / headlamps on dielectrics of finite thickness, and allows you to build near and far radiation patterns, calculate gain, estimate reflection losses and display surface currents. Antennas can be created independently using a 2D / 3D editor, converted from structures created for AXIEM or imported from third-party tools in ACIS, Step or IGES formats.
  • Comprehensive analysis. Parametric analysis, which supports optimization, tuning and accounting for statistical deviations, allows you to increase performance parameters and avoid unintended undesirable effects like resonance or other interactions between structures. Spectral and regional decomposition methods with support for remote computing provide a significant increase in the speed of electromagnetic analysis without loss of quality.


Key elements:

3D editor

creation of topology and arbitrary structures

Full wave simulation

based on the finite element method

Meshing technology

automatic adaptive meshing


display of field distributions and post-processing results

Antenna modeling

simplicity and automation in antenna modeling

Wide functionality

optimization, tuning and statistical analysis


high performance computing support