Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Solution is based on hardware or virtual devices, which are almost maintenance-free, and the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform, which provides optimized deployment, management, software upgrades and reporting processes.

  • Protect Data Where It Lives. Protect intellectual property and business critical information on the network, in the cloud, and at the endpoints.
  • Remain Compliant. Ensure compliance and safeguard personal data with automated reporting.
  • Simplify Deployment and Management. Manage common policies and streamline incident workflows with flexible deployment options.

Комплекты Total Protection for DLP:

McAfee Total Protection for DLP includes the following components:

  • McAfee DLP Discover — Finds sensitive data
  • McAfee DLP Prevent — Enforces DLP policies
  • McAfee DLP Monitor — Scans network traffic in real time
  • McAfee DLP Endpoint — Monitors and prevents confidential data lossх
  • McAfee Device Control — Protects removable devices and media
  • McAfee MVISION Cloud Integration — Extends DLP policies to the cloud


Comprehensive data loss prevention in one suite

Capture technology allows you to see how your data is being used and how it is leaking.

Quickly Identify Data/p>

Stronger data classification identifies and classifies data that is important to your organization.

Remediate Policy Violations

Encrypt, redirect, quarantine, or block data transmissions that are in violation of policies.