MVISION Insights

MVISION Insights

Gathering information about threats to help analysts.

Mvision Insights designed to combine risk analysis and proactive threat protection. This is achieved through comprehensive data collection from McAfee's 1 billion sensors worldwide at host, network, and cloud level. Global threats are then visually analyzed and prioritized through a collaborative effort of algorithms and experts. Finally, it uses proactive protection with the ability to respond from a single console before the attack reaches the enterprise infrastructure.

MVISION Insights:

  • Detailed Threat Assessments.Learn about active global campaigns including descriptions and indicators of compromise (IoCs) from the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team pivot to MVISION EDR to enrich your investigations.
  • Broad Understanding.Understand the prevalence of threats beyond your organization and the impact of the threats you face, including your ability to block and protect.
  • Proactive Endpoint Security.Endpoint Security posture assessments paired with the ability to take proactive action before you are hit let you improve your defenses quickly and easily.

Proactive hardening reduces endpoint risk:

  • Prioritized Threats.Know if you are in the path of a top campaign that matters to you by using global telemetry from 1 billion sensors that automatically tracks new campaigns by geography and industry.
  • Predictive Assessment.Get automated assessment of your security posture risks against top campaigns so you know exactly where you have potential gaps in your countermeasure.
  • Proactive Response.Respond immediately with the only prescriptive actionable security intelligence solution available today that enables you to adjust your compensating controls before you’re hit by a campaign.


Intelligence at Scale

Fueled by the latest data with breadth to cover multiple attacks from over 1 billion sensors..

Rank and Anticipate Threats

Focus on endpoint threat insights that matter to you based on industry, geography and local security posture.

Actionable Endpoint Insights

Powerful machine learning-based insights weigh your risk for both known and unknown threats to not just deal with an attack, but also protect against future endpoint attacks.