McAfee Web Gateway

McAfee Web Gateway

A locally deployable solution for high-performance web protection.

McAfee Web Gateway выполняет ряд важных функций в области безопасности: обеспечивает веб-фильтрацию, защиту от вредоносных программ и утечек данных, проверку SSL, создание отчётов.

Fundamental web security:

  • Flexible Deployment. Get high-performance web security through an on-premises appliance that can be deployed as dedicated hardware or a virtual machine.
  • Secure Inbound and Outbound Traffic. Enforce internet-use policies, analyze the nature and intent of content and active code entering the network, and use DLP technology to scan outbound traffic.
  • ВExpand Your Web Protection. McAfee Web Gateway is part of the McAfee Web Protection, a solution that includes McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service.

Key capabilities:

  • Detect Zero-day Malware. This secure web gateway provides industry-leading, proactive detection of zero-day malware with full coverage of web traffic, including SSL..
  • Best-in-class Threat Prevention. Protect against highly sophisticated malware and targeted attacks that evade URL filtering and antivirus signatures.
  • Reputation and Category-based Filtering. McAfee creates a profile of all internet entities and assigns a reputation score based on potential security risk, so you can set rules about what to permit or deny.


Powerful Rules-based Policy Engine

Take action on any element of the web request-response cycle, allowing limitless flexibility and web security crafted for your organization.

Protecting users outside the network

With McAfee Client Proxy, roaming users seamlessly authenticate and redirect to an on-premises McAfee Web Gateway or the McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service.

Share Threat Information

Возможности для более эффективного обнаружения угроз и реагирования на инциденты. Важнейшими точками интеграции являются McAfee Advanced Threat Defense и McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange.