ImmuniWeb On-Demand

ImmuniWeb On-Demand

Web Application Penetration Testing

ImmuniWeb® On-Demand delivers scalable, rapid and DevSecOps-enabled web application penetration testing with tailored remediation guidelines and zero false-positives SLA. It leverages our award-winning AI technology to augment, intensify and accelerate web application penetration testing.

Web Application Penetration Testing Made Simple:

  • Zero False-Positive SLA.  Money-Back Guarantee for a single false-positive
  • Rapid Delivery SLA. Guaranteed schedule of execution and report delivery.
  • In-Depth Testing. Business logic testing, SANS Top 25,PCI DSS & OWASP coverage
  • Actionable Reporting. Tailored remediation guidelines and 24/7 support
  • DevSecOps Tailored. One-click WAF virtual patching,SDLC CI/CD integration.


Proven Methodology and Global Standards

  1. OWASP Testing Guide (OTGv5)
  2. NIST SP 800-115 Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment
  3. PCI DSS Information Supplement: Penetration Testing Guidance
  4. FedRAMP Penetration Test Guidance
  5. ISACA’s How to Audit GDPR

How it Works:

  1. Pick up a mobile application or APIC
  2. Customize testing,pay and start
  3. Download your remediation report

Most Comprehensive Web Penetration Testing. In every ImmuniWeb On-Demand package

Penetration Testing Reporting Remediation
Web Application Penetration Testing Threat-Aware Risk Scoring Unlimited Patch Verifications
  • SANS Top 25 Full Coverage
Step-by-Step Instruction to Reproduce One-Click Virtual Patching via WAF
  • OWASP Top 10 Full Coverage
Web, PDF, JSON, XML and CSV Formats 24/7 Access to Our Security Analysts
  • PCI DSS 6.5.1-6.5.11 Full Coverage
Tailored Remediation Guidelines DevSecOps & CI/CD Tools Integration
  • AI Augments Human Testing and Analysis
PCI DSS and GDPR Compliances Multirole RBAC Dashboard
  • Machine Learning Accelerates Testing
CVE, CWE and CVSSv3 Scores  
  • Authenticated Testing (2FA / SSO)
Zero False-Positive SLA  
  • AREST/SOAP API Testing
Full Customization of Testing    
Rapid Delivery SLA    


Web Application Penetration Test for Any Need

Internal & External Web Apps

Virtual Appliance technology for internal applications testing

APIs and Web Services

Comprehensive coverage of API & Web Services (REST/SOAP)

Open Source Security

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)tests for 20,000+ known CVE-IDs

Attack Simulation

Threat-aware testing scenarios and attack vectors upon request

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