ImmuniWeb Neuron Mobile

ImmuniWeb Neuron Mobile

ImmuniWeb Neuron Mobile is 100% automated mobile application security testing solution that offers advanced DAST, SAST and SCA scanning capacities with a contractual zero false-positives SLA.

ImmuniWeb Neuron Mobile unleashes the power of Machine Learning and AI to take SAST and DAST mobile security scanning to the next level. While detecting more vulnerabilities compared to traditional scanners, every vulnerability scan by Neuron Mobile is equipped with a contractual zero false-positives SLA.

How does ImmuniWeb Neuron Mobile work?

  1. Upload iOS or Android app and customize your scan.
  2. Get 100% valid findings, zero false positives.
  3. Enjoy 24/7 access to our security analysts for help.

  • Scan Customization.
  • Authenticated Scans.
  • Mobile Security Scanning: SAST Scanning, DAST Scanning, MASVS Level 1 Testing, Software Composition Analysis (SCA), OWASP Mobile Top 10 Scanning, Mobile App Privacy Analysis, SSL/TLS Encryption Testing.
  • Endpoints & APIs Review.
  • Compliance Review.
  • Turnkey CI/CD Automation.

  • Zero False-Positives SLA.
  • Risk-Based Prioritization of Findings.
  • Simple Instructions to Reproduce Findings.
  • Web, PDF, JSON, XML and CSV Reports.
  • Friendly Remediation Guidelines.
  • Screenshots of Security Findings.
  • Consolidated View of All Scans.
  • CVE and CWE Mapping.
  • CVSSv3.1 Scoring.

  • Access to Our Security Analysts.
  • Seamless DevSecOps Integration.
  • RBAC Scan Management Dashboard.
  • Unlimited Dashboard Users.
  • Simple Scan Scheduling.
  • Email Alerts.

More Findings. No False Positives.

ImmuniWeb Neuron Mobile

Premium Mobile Security Scanning for Any Environment:

  • SAST & DAST: Dynamic and Static testing of your mobile apps.
  • iOS & Android: Full support of mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Privacy & Encryption: Privacy and encryption analysis of backend APIs & mobile app.
  • Authenticated Scanning: Configure authenticated scans of your app.
  • Rapid Scanning: Get almost real-time scan results.
  • Multiuser 2FA Dashboard: Flexible and user-friendly dashboard for your team.


  1. Zero False-Positives SLA: Money-Back Guarantee for a single false positive.
  2. AI-Driven Testing: Enhanced SAST & DAST testing to detect more vulnerabilities.
  3. 24/7 Expert Assistance: Our security analysts will help your software developers.
  4. Unlimited Scalability: Simultaneous mobile scanning of hundreds or thousands apps.
  5. DevSecOps Native: Full automation of testing and CI/CD pipeline integrations.