ImmuniWeb Discovery

ImmuniWeb Discovery

ImmuniWeb Discovery - Reducing complexity and costs.

ImmuniWeb® Discovery leverages our award-winning OSINT and AI technology to illuminate your external attack surface. We continuously detect, test and scorecard your digital and IT assets, enhancing visibility with proactive monitoring of your company mentions in Dark Web and Code Repositories.


Attack Surface Monitoring Made Simple

  1. 24/7 Asset Discovery. 250+ types of digital and IT assets
  2. 24/7 РSecurity Ratings.750+ parameters to build actionable risk scoring
  3. 24/7 Dark Web Monitoring. Dark Web and Deep Web channels
  4. 24/7 Security Monitoring. 1000+ compliance and security checks

Frequent Use Cases:

  • Illuminate Unknowns.Detection of shadow, abandoned and unprotected digital assets.
  • Simplify Compliance. Holistic asset inventory and monitoring for GDPR, PCI DSS & NIST
  • Reduce Human Risk. Instant alerts on exposed public code repositories, cloud and IoT
  • Prevent Data Breaches. Continuous monitoring for outdated or vulnerable software.
  • Outpace Cybercriminals. Alerts on Dark Web exposure, data leaks, phishing and IoC.
  • Audit Third Parties. Security ratings and risk scoring of clients, vendors and suppliers.

How it Works:

  1. Enter your company name
  2. See what hackers see
  3. Prioritize, monitor and respond

What You Get

24/7 Asset Discovery 24/7 Security Monitoring 24/7 DARK WEB MONITORING
APIs & Web Services Website Security Stolen Credentials
Web Applications & Websites WAF & CSP Presence Pastebin Mentionsя
Critical Network Services SSL Encryption & Hardening Exposed Documents
IoT & Connected Objects PCI DSS GDPR Compliance Leaked Source Code
Public Code Repositories Software Composition Analysis Breached IT Systems & IoC
SaaS PaaS Systems Expiring Domains & Certificates Phishing Websites & Pages
Public Cloud & CDN Malware & Black Lists Presence Fake Accounts in Social Networks
Mobile Apps Mobile Application Security Trademark Infringements
Databases Cloud & DB Security Squatted Domain Names

Helicopter view of your external

attack surface

Production-safe vulnerability and

compliance scanningя

Proactive and timely reaction to

security incidents