Advanced Malware Detection

Advanced Malware Detection

To detect zero-day and other advanced malware. Detect even the most evasive zero-day malware to prevent crippling breaches. 

Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection (AMD) leverages proven technology to detect zero-day and other advanced malware. Using Deep Content Inspection technology, Forcepoint AMD emulates an entire host, interacting with malware to expose and observe a malicious object’s possible actions. These include advanced evasion techniques, O/S or application specific threats, dormant code analysis and even CPU and in-memory activity.

Ease of Adoption

As an integrated module for Forcepoint CASB, NGFW, Web and Email Security, customers can easily activate the service through the cloud for high availability, scalability, low maintenance and other SaaS benefits, deploy AMD on premises, or even air gapped deployments with Forcepoint NGFW for physically isolated network requirements.

A Complete Environment

Traditional sandboxes have visibility down to the operating system level only. Forcepoint offers a unique isolation and inspection environment that simulates an entire host including the CPU, system memory and all devices. Deep Content Inspection interacts with malware to observe all the actions it might take within this complete environment, and even identifies ‘dormant code’ for special analysis.

Malware Interaction

Sandbox-only solutions provide a relatively static environment, limiting the malicious ‘behavior’ they may uncover. Because Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection interacts with malware, it observes every action that it might take, even when those actions are delegated to the operating system or other programs. In addition, this tool identifies potentially malicious ‘dormant code’ that the malware does not execute.

Deep Content Inspection – A step beyond Sandboxing

As with sandboxing, Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection provides a simulated environment for malware execution; that is where any similarity ends.

Extensive Malware Detail Exposure

A comprehensive solution must do more than just stop advanced malware. Correlated incident information prioritizes the most significant threats in your network without combing through massive log files. Full attack chain visibility enables your incident response team to quickly understand the nature of the attack, making your scarce security resources more efficient.

Powered by the industry’s best malware detection engine

Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection provides leading malware detection capabilities and offers top rated security efficacy. This enables unmatched accuracy and eliminates false positives, so your incident response team can focus on actual threats