Power management

Power management

Software for UPS management and correct  IT equipment shutdown, communication cards for UPS

Additional hardware and software for UPS management

Eaton ePDU® – load balancing modules Intelligent Power®


Reliable power distribution inside of IT-rack

Managed ePDU – Maximum functionality and full control

  • Monitoring: separate socket, group of sockets and whole ePDUs - voltage, power, current and energy (optional: temperature and humidity)
  • Switching: sockets individually or in groups, in sequence or in a cycle with delays
  • Control: via Ethernet and built-in LCD display with enhanced functionality
  • Advanced Monitored ePDUs – deep information insight for work effectiveness
  • Switched ePDU – удалённое отключение и перезапуск оборудования

Service Bypass HotSwap MBP

Universal service bypass for all single-phase UPSs up to 11 kVA

  • IEC Connectors
  • Outputs with sockets or terminal blocks
  • Simple installation


Static Switch Eaton STS 16

Provides power to IT equipment from a backup source

  • Alternative to expensive power backup systems
  • Compact form factor: 1U height, installed in a 19 "rack
  • Smooth switching from one power source to another


IT-racks Eaton RP series

Rack (height 42U / 48U) for IT equipment

  • Optimization of air distribution for cooling IT equipment
  • Two-leaf rear doors, split side panels on snaps
  • Front doors are reversed for opening in the other direction, pre-installed grounding system, vertical rails for mounting equipment 19 "
  • Modular design with a strong welded frame
  • High quality and modern design


Eaton Power Management Software

Software for UPS management, parameter monitoring and correct loads shutdown

  • Easy  multiple UPSs and ePDUs management
  • Easy installation and software training
  • Intuitive web-based interface for access from anywhere in the network
  • Integration with the virtual environment VMware vCenter, XenCenter and Microsoft Hyper-V MSCVMM
  • NetApp and EMC Support 


Intelligent Power Protector

  • Controlled correct shutdown of the computer or server powered from the UPS
  • Allows you to end the execution of programs while maintaining operational data