Power Distribution

Power Distribution

 helping to bring power to your life

Electricity is a significant part of your life, yet one you rarely think about. But here at Eaton, we think about it every day. We work hard to develop products that safely distribute power to your home or business. Chances are that when you go to a ball game, school or the mall, Eaton is there too, in some way, helping to bring power to your life.

ANSI/NEMA Power Distribution and Control Systems

Eaton offers a full range of ANSI/NEMA medium voltage and low voltage power distribution products for virtually any type of facility or application.
IEC Power Distribution Systems

Eaton offers a complete range of factory assembled IEC medium voltage and low voltage motor control and power distribution assemblies for applications in commercial and industrial markets around the globe.
Integrated / Engineered Solutions

Eaton offers a wide-range of integrated and engineered solutions to deliver electrical power precisely the way your application requires. Many of these solutions provide pre-manufactured solutions to save space and reduce on-site construction time and effort. 
Power Distribution Components

Eaton’s power distribution systems are engineered and manufactured based primarily on our own family of electrical components including circuit breakers, fuses, meters and protective relays. 
Renewable Power Solutions

As renewable power sources grow, the need for solutions to integrate these sources into existing power distribution systems also grow. Eaton offers various solutions for solar, storage and microgrid applications.
Specialty Power Distribution Systems

Unique applications require unique solutions. Eaton offers a variety of specialty systems for applications ranging from network protectors to marina power applications.