Secure Site Pro с EV

Secure Site Pro с EV

Website Security Solution Supports Extended Validation (EV), Green Address Bar, and Norton Secured Printing

Secure Site Pro with EV - Protect your customers and grow your business with the most reliable and secure website protection tool. This website security solution supports Extended Validation (EV), the green address bar and Norton Secured printing, the most recognizable trust symbol on the Internet. In addition, Secure Site Pro with EV provides the most reliable SSL encryption, vulnerability assessment and malware scan to protect the site from attacks.


Key features

  • Extended Validation activates green address bar in high security browsers
  • Encryption with a key size of 128 to 256 digits ensures the security of electronic transactions
  • Norton Secured Printing with Symantec Seal-in-Search Support Increases Link Navigation and Conversion Rate
  • Vulnerability assessment and daily scanning of the website to detect malicious code can protect the site from intruders
  • Free round-the-clock support, fast renewal and a 30-day money back guarantee
  • The new Symantec SSL Assistant tool automatically generates CSR and installs certificates. This program can be downloaded from the Knowledge Base.
  • SSL Installation Checker, free cancellation and replacement, and a guarantee of $ 1,500,000

Key Benefits

SSL and much more in one solution: Symantec Secure Site with EV includes an SSL certificate, daily scanning of a website for malicious code and vulnerability assessment to ensure website security and protection against attacks. The green address bar, Norton Secured Seal printing and Seal-in-Search technology convince customers of the security of your website at any stage - from search to purchase.


Customers trust the green address bar: Buyers of online stores consider the green address bar as a simple and reliable way to verify the authenticity and security of the site. In order for web browsers to display the name of the organization in the green bar of the address, SSL certificates with EV are required. Online shoppers are more likely to provide a credit card number or other sensitive financial information on a website with a green SSL EV address bar.


Customers from all over the world know and trust the Norton Secured Seal seal symbol: The Norton Secured Seal seal is the most popular trust symbol on the Internet, with over half a billion & nbsp; hits daily on websites from 170 countries. Symantec Seal-in-Search technology shows Norton Secured Seal printing next to links in browsers with the free & nbsp; plug-in enabled, as well as on partner store sites and product review pages.


First-class customer support and online management: Free 24-hour customer support and the Symantec Trust Center provide a better understanding of SSL services and & nbsp; certificates, as well as improve management efficiency. Using the single sign-on function, you can renew, update, buy, activate services and gain access to backup & nbsp; copies. The service of quick renewal and automatic charging of renewal fees allows you to refuse to use CSR, performs installation and automates payment for up to 4 years.