CorreAssess One Time Assessment

CorreAssess One Time Assessment

The One Time Assessment is the perfect tool for a FAST, ACCURATE AUDIT diagnostic of your entire data center infrastructure environment  

Correlata CorreAssess OTA will highlight un-used IT infrastructure resources by implementing the following processes:

  • Automating the discovery of IT infrastructure resources chain built in combination of connectivity and configurations.
  • Identifying resources that do not deliver any operations or business value.
  • Highlighting availability risks by discovering redundancy and single point of failure issues.

Correlata’s CorreAssess OTA process includes a data gathering phase, a data validation and analysis phase and a summary with detailed info supporting the findings.  The assessment cycle is divided into three main phases (pre, during and post on-site visit of Correlata’s Technical team).

Identify the correlation of IT infrastructure layers and their function in the following areas:

  • Gain full visibility of SLA’s implementation based on de-facto Technical Metrics & Business Indicators
  • Get clear insights on your service availability and data recovery potential risks
  • Maximize usability and efficiency of existing IT infrastructure elements
  • Quantify the real IT Infrastructure resource allocation
  • Identify poor Hardware & Software infrastructure resource utilization
  • Re-use of IT Infrastructure resources not providing any business value

Provide significant business value by gathering information pertaining to:

  • Cost reductionn and risk mitigation
  • Improved service delivery by mitigating hidden and potential risks of system availability and data Recovery
  • Maximized efficiency by identifying over/under provisioning of infrastructure resources according to business agreements
  • Ensured constant compliance of IT methodologies vs. de-facto implementation
  • Unique modular system to handle the needs of a modern IAAS and PAAS service provider

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