Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

Parallels® Desktop for Mac Business Edition is a fast, easy, and powerful application designed to run Windows on Mac for professionals, educators, and businesses.

Double your productivity with one quick installation: discover how Windows and Mac are better together. Industry-leading performance enables teams to run Windows applications on Intel or Apple silicon Mac computers. Transparent licensing, multiple deployment options, and advanced administration deliver the most seamless and comprehensive solution.

Deliver Windows on Mac across your entire workforce

You can deliver access to business-critical applications on every Mac across your user base. Run business-critical applications without trade-offs—Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Quicken, and QuickBooks for Windows, Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge, SAP products, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Autodesk products, and more!

Enable cross-platform development with Windows, Linux and macOS virtual machines. Parallels is ideal for any professional environment, including education, financial services, technology, consulting, and medical/healthcare.

Mass deployment

Deploy Parallels Desktop and Windows with the same configuration across your entire organization — quickly and effortlessly.

ЗLicense management

Use a volume license key or integrate with your identity provider and offer SSO based activation. Monitor and manage license usage using Business Account web portal.

Security and data protection

Encrypt virtual machines’ data, enforce external devices policies, restrict users from changing settings, or create virtual machines that lock once they’re expired.

Easy setup and use

A user-friendly interface and intuitive setup process is accessible to both technical and non-technical users.

Dedicated support

Access dedicated technical support for assistance with any issues or questions related to the software, ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience.

Impressive 3D acceleration

Powerful graphics acceleration capabilities ensure smooth performance for graphics-intensive applications, casual games, and visualizations.

Enhanced productivity

Boost productivity by running Windows applications alongside their macOS workflow, enabling seamless file sharing, drag-and-drop functionality, and integration with macOS features like Touch Bar and Retina display.

Ongoing updates and maintenance

Stay up to date and ensure compatibility with the latest macOS and Windows versions, providing access to new features and enhancements.

Trusted brand

With a reputation for reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, millions of customers have depended on Parallels for over 17 years.

On-device virtualization

Users can not only run Windows applications, but also other operating systems like Linux and macOS virtual machines, facilitating cross-platform development, testing, and collaboration. There is no need to reboot, use a separate PC, or rely on a fast and reliable internet connection. Create as many virtual machines as you need without extra costs and copy or share them as files.