Claroty Platform

Claroty Platform

Claroty’s advanced ICS cybersecurity engine safely extracts the smallest details from OT environments–enabling the most extensive visibility and monitoring available and powering the integrated suite of Claroty products.

Claroty Platform Claroty’s fully integrated suite of cybersecurity products addresses the unique challenges of ICS systems so that engineers, operators, and cybersecurity professionals can protect even the most complex industrial networks. With the Claroty Platform you can assess the security posture of your ICS network, protect critical systems, control access to network assets, continuously monitor and detect vulnerabilities and threats, and rapidly investigate and respond to cyber incidents. With Claroty’s real-time monitoring, security teams are alerted to new vulnerabilities, anomalous network behavior and high-risk changes in industrial networks. The Claroty Platform was specifically designed to address industrial networks in a safe, non-intrusive manner. There are no agents to install and no need for plant downtime.

Claroty Platform:

  • Provides extreme visibility into ICS Networks
  • Identifies security gaps - including known vulnerabilities and network hygiene issues
  • Detects security posture changes
  • Continuously monitors for known and unknown threats
  • Enables proactive threat hunting
  • Secures, monitors, and records remote connections to ICS assetsОбеспечивает исключительную прозрачность ICS Networks.



Proactively discover and eliminate vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and insecure connections.


Manage 3rd party and employee remote access by enforcing granular access policies and recording sessions.


Continuously monitor and detect malicious activity and high-risk changes throughout the attack “kill-chain”.


Receive clear, context-rich alerts for immediate situational awareness to rapidly investigate and respond to threats./p>