Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace

Whether you’re supporting a team of five or 500, Citrix Workspace lets you empower employees to do their best work. From any location, on any device. Even when the unexpected happens.

As more of your small business employees work remotely and use different devices to get work done, the reality is that they have a lot of logins to juggle. It makes for poor user experience and hinders your ability to keep sensitive data safe.

Future-proof your business with enterprise-level digital workspace technology

Only Citrix Workspace gives you the same seamless access to apps and data used by 98% of the Fortune 500 – in a package priced especially for small and mid-sized businesses.

Citrix Workspace isn’t just a workplace solution. It’s a business accelerator.

Choose the solution that works best for your business today. Then add or expand at any time.

With single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), it’s easy to keep company resources protected and employees productive. No VPN needed.

Citrix Workspace isn’t just another collaboration hub or standard single sign-on option. It’s a complete solution used by the world’s most successful companies to enable secure access to mission-critical apps and data.


Consolidate all of your most important apps and files into one seamless login experience.


Keep your resources protected, no matter where employees work or which devices they use.


Empower employees with fast, easy access so they can work from any location, on any device.

Quiet all the distractions and guide users to the work that matters most.

Citrix Workspace includes:

App and Desktop Virtualization

Deploy remote apps and desktops with exceptional user experience.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Enable a modern digital workspace by delivering apps and desktops to any device from any cloud.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure

Easily deliver your apps from Microsoft Azure with a complete desktops-as-a-service (DaaS) solution.


Quickly resolve security threats and performance issues.

Citrix Analytics for Security

Proactively detect and prevent insider threats with user behavior analytics.

Citrix Analytics for Performance

Use machine learning to improve user experience and uncover the health of your environment.

Content Collaboration

Keep projects and progress flowing and content secure.

Citrix Content Collaboration

Drive digital transformation with unified access to files within a secure workspace.

Citrix ShareFile

Make it easy and secure for users to store, access and collaborate on large files.

Unified Endpoint Management

Provide access on any device without sacrificing security or complicating IT.

Citrix Endpoint Management

Bring every app and endpoint into one unified view to deliver a complete digital workspace.

Secure Access

Protect users, apps, and data with end-to-end contextual security.

Citrix Access Control

Leverage a zero trust access network (ZTNA) approach to securely access corporate apps and data.

What you can achieve with Citrix Workspace

Make it easy to work from anywhere with fewer passwords to manage and less for hackers to exploit

  • Provide secure access to apps. Small business employees rely on a variety of SaaS and web apps to get work done, but managing them creates challenges for end users and IT alike. Citrix Workspace makes it easy for your small business to provide single sign-on access to every app, no matter where people need to work or which devices they use. Security is improved with fewer passwords for users to manage and hackers to exploit. And IT enjoys seamless integrations with Okta, Google, RADIUS, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and more.
  • Build secure, scalable identities. Citrix Workspace integrates with all major MFA (multi-factor authentication) platforms, as well as identity repositories and SSO protocols, so you can make the most of every option—and configure identities based on what works best for your organization.
  • Power productivity from anywhere. For small businesses wich planning for long-term remote work policies, no doubt need a way to provide consistent access to apps and information. The more seamless the experience, the more productive your employees will be. With Citrix Workspace, your small business employees can securely access internal web apps without having to remember countless credentials. It doesn’t matter what devices they use or where they’re located. The user experience will be the same, and your apps stay secure.

Empower your small business employees with easy access to company resources, no matter where they work

  • Make a rapid recovery. Unanticipated disruptions can occur at any time—and change your small business in an instant. While you can't predict when your company will be impacted by future events, it is possible to be prepared. The faster your teams can pick up where they left off, the better positioned you’ll be to meet the needs of customers. By putting work-from-home solutions in place today, you can ensure a steady stream of productivity and profits tomorrow. Citrix Workspace gives employees secure, single sign-on access to all of your apps so they can easily continue business as usual. From any location, on any device.
  • Keep data secure. Citrix Workspace delivers centralized access to apps and files—without the need for a VPN. By continually evaluating which SaaS and internal web apps are used, your small business can rest assured your resources will stay secure. Employees have everything they need to succeed; IT maintains full visibility to help keep threats at bay.
  • Scale quickly. What happens when there’s a sudden, sharp increase in the number of off-site employees? In these instances, an unforeseen surge in demand can put tremendous strain on unprepared systems. By taking steps to modernize IT security and simplify access ahead of time, you’ll be ready to meet changing needs with ease. Because Citrix Workspace is designed to auto-scale infrastructure as needed, it’s easy to continue working even when the unexpected happens.

Move to the cloud with ease while reaping big benefits for your small or medium-size business

  • Move to the cloud on your terms. The process of moving to the cloud is often fraught with challenges, from security concerns to connecting legacy systems. You need the flexibility to choose the public, private or hybrid cloud model that’s right for your small business. Citrix Workspace lets you enable secure access to your applications from anywhere you want, whether that’s completely in the cloud of your choice or in a hybrid scenario.
  • Deliver the experience your users expect. Small and medium-size business employees need a mix of SaaS and web apps to get work done. But they often find themselves juggling too many passwords and wasting their time hunting down information. Citrix Workspace lets people get to the information they need instantly and easily. All of your most important apps are available in one central location, regardless of where they’re stored. Plus, users can install the Citrix Workspace app on any of their devices for convenient access while on the go.
  • Get bird’s eye visibility. Visibility across your cloud services isn’t just critical for protecting data — it's key for spotting performance issues. Citrix Workspace identifies potential latency issues and automatically redirects traffic so users can keep working without interruption. You can also set policies that prioritize bandwidth for certain applications or users.

When you’re ready, get even more from Citrix Workspace with these supporting solutions.

Citrix Access Control

Deliver VPN-less access to apps with a zero trust security solution.

Citrix Analytics for Security

Proactively detect and prevent security breaches with holistic visibility.

Citrix Content Collaboration

Simplify and secure collaboration with unified access to content.

Citrix Endpoint Management

Increase productivity with a UEM solution built for digital workspaces.

Citrix SD-WAN

Deliver an always-on network with a secure SD-WAN solution.

Citrix Secure Browser

Keep your data safe from browser-based attacks without limiting access.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Give employees a high-quality virtual experience on any device.