Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty

Managed Bug Bounty engagements on the Bugcrowd Platform source and incentivize skilled, trusted hackers (the Crowd) to find hidden vulnerabilities that traditional testing by scanners and pen tests will miss.  The Bugcrowd Platform amplifies the bug bounty value proposition with AI technology (CrowdMatchTM), engineered triage, and insights derived from a decade of managing 1000s of successful programs — reducing operational costs as well as the risk of breach.

  • Extend your team on demand. Activate precisely the right trusted hackers for your needs based on skills, track record, and impact to find more critical vulnerabilities.
  • Focus on what matters. A high signal-to-noise ratio is critical for success. The platform validates and prioritizes findings quickly, reliably, and at scale.
  • Remediate faster. Findings flow directly into your security and development processes for fast and continuous remediation.
  • Take your own journey. Bug Bounty offers the flexibility of a “crawl, walk, run” approach, backed by over a decade of experience. Managed migrations are available at no extra cost.

Hacker activation powered by data & AI

We use CrowdMatchTM AI in our platform to curate qualified, motivated hackers for your precise requirements across 100s of dimensions, boosting high-quality results by 2x and more over other methods.

Engineered triage

Unlike other providers that treat triage like an afterthought, Bugcrowd considers it a key driver for customer success. They amplify the skills of their global, in-house team of specialists with tools and data that no other provider can match, including access to the industry’s richest data graph of vulnerability intelligence. This enables rapid intake, validation, and triage along with remediation advice, even during global incidents like Log4J. Bugcrowd is a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA), so you can request official CVE IDs for your vulnerabilities, if desired.

Keeps pace with your SDLC

Disjointed security solutions and point-to-point integrations are the bane of the CISO’s existence. The Bugcrowd Platform avoids that pain by serving as an integration hub that flows prioritized findings directly into your existing DevSec tools and processes via pre-built connectors, webhooks, and rich APIs. The result is continuous vulnerability discovery that keeps pace with your continuous SDLC.

Insights for continuous improvement

The Bugcrowd Platform includes a massive security knowledge graph containing millions of data points about vulnerabilities, assets, environments, and skill sets developed over a decade of experience. That data enables rich analytics, reports (see sample), and recommendations to help you continuously monitor KPIs and improve your security posture.