Brand Protection

Brand Protection

detects and eliminates cybersquatting when registering domain names containing a trademark owned by another person

Brand Protection detects and prosecutes online trademark infringement, sale of counterfeit goods, and brand abuse across a variety of online platforms: websites, social media, marketplaces, PPC advertisements, and mobile apps. BrandShield technology prioritizes detected threats, allowing you to focus on the most serious breaches and the largest networks of abuse.

Our experts are removing these threats in accordance with best practices developed by BrandShield after years of successful work with numerous third parties such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. What is the main feature of our brand protection solution Brand Protection- it combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with seasoned expert threat hunters in an easy-to-use SaaS suite.

Brand Protection - protects against risks such as:

  • Counterfeiting brand products
    Counterfeit products deceive the consumer by copying the logo and design of the brand and are often of poor quality.
  • Gray market
    Genuine goods are sold by sellers without the permission of the brand owner, often smuggled into the region and at dumping prices.
  • Trademark infringement
    Websites and social media pages can infringe your trademark by impersonating your company with its logo and similar domain name.
  • Trademark abuse
    Third parties use your brand and intellectual property for profit or damage to your reputation.

Brand Protection: uses trainable artificial intelligence and improves mechanisms for detecting and eliminating brand violations on the web, such as counterfeiting, gray market dealers, and imitation of the brand with a success rate of more than 98%. Save time and money with BrandShield.

What are the losses for the brand from the above actions:

  1. Loss of income
  2. Loss of reputation
  3. Legal responsibility
  4. Devaluation of the value of goods
  5. Decline in market share
  6. Damage to distributor relationships

What are the losses arising from the “defenselessness” of the brand:

Loss of income
Counterfeiting your products diminishes your company's bottom line and destroys brand value in the eyes of customers. Take decisive action to combat counterfeiting and the gray market.

Reputation costs
Lower counterfeit prices and gray imports make customers wonder why your own prices are high compared to them. Buyers of counterfeit goods often accuse the genuine brand of not protecting them from online fraud.

Legal responsibility
In many cases, a brand can be held liable if it has not done due diligence to protect consumers or educated them in ways to detect counterfeit products. Judicial decisions can lead to serious fines against manufacturers if counterfeit products cause injury, and more recently, the brand could be held liable for the “mental suffering” caused.

«BrandShield - it is a technology that helps to change the balance in the fight against cyber fraudsters. The analytical capabilities of BrandShield enable our team to identify the most critical network issues for New Balance at any time. The interface is intuitive, but at the same time has many features that help us to carry out and manage our enforcement actions more effectively. "

Dan McKinnon, Head of the Department of Counteracting Cyber Threats at the company NewBalance


Full support for countering threats

Manage deletions, view historical data, and export reports with a simple interface.

Threat Hunters

Certified lawyers with intellectual property background and years of experience working with digital platforms.

 Artificial Intelligence-based Detection Technology

The system detects counterfeiting on the internet or trademark abuse through logo and product recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), domain monitoring, and more.

Complete transparency

All data is fully available on the SaaS platform.

Comprehensive and proactive protection

Reach includes websites, domain names, marketplaces, and social media.

Ease of use

Installation requires no local installation and no additional integration beyond Internet access.