Comprehensive brand protection against counterfeiting, phishing, and other online threats

Any company and brand can be phished online today. This can be phishing by cybercriminals, designed to gather information and identify points of entry into your internal networks, or phishing by competitors, which leads to loss of income and a decrease in public image.

Increase security beyond your infrastructure - monitor threats outside.

BrandShield provides a complete online map tracking Internet threats including social media. It detects phishing sites, attempts to impersonate you, and online fraud.

All information is available at any time from the system threat dashboard. Monitor your security with periodic reports of your removal and enforcement actions until identified threats are eliminated.

Distribution of areas of responsibility for protection against internal and external threats (on the left on the slide) using  BrandShield,   + types of phishing attacks

BrandShield - antiphishing

Companies have learned to build their defense against attacks on infrastructure from the outside at a fairly good level, but few people care about protecting the information space outside the activities of your firewalls, and attackers take advantage of this.

Protect your brand on the outside with a dedicated Anti-Phishing solution.

Online phishing classifications:

- Phishing targets buyers

- Phishing targets company employees

- Posing as another person on the Internet

- Internet fraud

Platforms for creating phishing threats:

- Websites

- Social media

- Mobile apps

Did you know about the cost of online phishing for your company?

  1. $ 3.7 million in the USA is the annual cost for the average online phishing campaign.
  2. $ 3.86 million - Average cost per data breach in the USA. 90% of all data leaks are phishing attacks.
  3. 66% of attacks using social media are successful.


Trust your brand protection with Anti-Phishing

Be in Control

gain complete control over the dangers to your brand

Advanced Anti-Phishing

the BrandShield anti-phishing dashboard includes innovative features such as clone website detection, automatic deletion messages, blacklists, and more

Enforcement Experts

experienced and professional law enforcement leaders analyze threats to your company to determine an effective course of action


Logo Recognition

advanced technology developed by BrandShield to protect and track used logos and graphic elements brand`s

Social Media Protection

monitor major social media platforms to identify phishing attempts and attempts to pass off attackers for you


Reports & Statistics

periodic and other detailed monitoring, detection, and enforcement reports