Agentless Device Security Platform

Agentless Device Security Platform

The Armis agentless device security platform discovers devices, tracks behavior, detects threats, and takes action to protect your business.

Comprehensive Asset Inventory

  1. Unprecedented Visibility. Armis discovers all devices in your environment — managed, unmanaged, or IoT — on or off your network, and in your airspace — providing the most complete asset inventory you will see.
  2. No Agent. No Scanning. Armis is agentless, and 100% passive. This is critical because unmanaged and IoT devices can’t take an agent. And scanning can disrupt or crash these devices.
  3. Complete Asset Inventory. Even without an agent, we can identify the device type, manufacturer, model, IP and MAC address, OS, reputation, username, software, behavior, connections, risk factors, and more.

Device Tracking & Risk Assessment

  • Real-Time & Continuous Provides passive, real-time continuous vulnerability assessment with deepest device behavior insights and tracking.
  • Cloud-Based Device Knowledgebase We have a huge, crowd-sourced device behavior knowledgebase which compares real-time behavior of devices in your environment with multiple “known good” crowd-sourced baselines to detect compromised devices.
  • Premium Threat Intelligence The Armis Threat Detection Engine utilizes various threat intelligence feeds, combined with device behavior, to produce highly accurate threat and attack detection in your environment.
Discover every device in your environment with 100% visibility and rich context
Armis help to track behavior, detect threats, and help you take action to protect your business


Automatic Detection & Response

  • Automatic or Manual For every policy violation and threat detection, choose from a variety of manual or automated responses that are built into the Armis platform.
  • Disconnect or Quarantine By using your existing network infrastructure or by integrating with existing security solutions, Armis lets you disconnect or quarantine suspicious or malicious devices.
  • Incident Response Within seconds, Armis can provide various types of incident response for unmanaged devices — identifying and containing compromised devices, and providing historical information on activity.

Frictionless Deployment & Integration

  • No Agents Required Armis platform does not use agents and does not require the installation of any hardware in your environment.
  • Fast Deployment The Armis platform can install in as little as minutes, requires no network changes, and uses the infrastructure you already have.
  • Integrate with Existing Systems Armis integrates with your existing IT security and management systems, from your firewall to your NAC to your SIEM, letting you achieve greater value and more automated response.