AppGuard Solo - Protection for Small and Medium Businesses

AppGuard Solo - Protection for Small and Medium Businesses

Preventing intrusion with a three-step defense tactic

AppGuard Solo is ideal for protecting ATMs, medical equipment, and computers in government offices. It is one of the only (if not the only) endpoint agents to offer advanced, sophisticated, corporate cybersecurity in a simple and affordable package. Suitable for small businesses and consumers. Unlike other solutions, AppGuard Solo is easy to install and configure and does not require experts to operate or manage. AppGuard complements your antivirus solution for optimal protection.

Low-power computers and laptops often lack the tools and techniques to defend against attacks, which allows for fraud easy access to bank accounts, customer data, patents, and sensitive patient health information.

Antivirus alone cannot adequately protect you from today's threats. Until recently, attackers targeting small and medium organizations did not use the same sophisticated techniques used against large enterprises. Industry statistics show that size doesn't matter anymore when it comes to stealing Windows credentials. The role of the antivirus is to remove malware that has already entered your system.

Preventing intrusion with a three-step defense tactic

AppGuard Solo - endpoint agent

Complete protection with AppGuard Solo without scanning hard disks, without impacting performance, and without an internet connection!

- enterprise-grade security for small and medium-sized businesses
- increased protection while reducing operating costs
- protection without constant disk scanning and signature updates


Did you know?

  1. In 75% of cases, the antivirus will take from 4 days to several months to detect a virus in the system.
  2. On weak computers, when scanning with antivirus programs, performance drops to 83%.
  3. Configuring protection with AppGuard Solo does not take more than 15 minutes on one computer and does not require the participation of IT specialists in the future.

AppGuard Solo does not require an Internet connection to fully protect your personal computer, ATM, or other devices running Windows operating systems

Typically, detection-based antivirus-based protection tools can eventually find malware, but in 75% of cases, it takes days, weeks, or months for malware to be detected after it infiltrates your infrastructure. AppGuard shortens the time between the appearance of malware and the time when antivirus can neutralize it. AppGuard Solo, coupled with free antivirus like Microsoft Defender, provides much better protection than expensive antivirus solutions.

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Proactive Endpoint Device Protection

Comprehensive real-time protection

Easy customization

Not demanding on resources

Compatible with any antivirus

The better value proposition on the market