AppGuard Enterprise — Endpoint Protection

AppGuard Enterprise — Endpoint Protection

AppGuard Enterprise is a centrally managed host-based endpoint protection solution that prevents malware and all advanced attacks from harming the system.

AppGuard is completely different from traditional cybersecurity solutions. It’s not anti-virus, it doesn’t detect and respond, it simply prevents all attacks at the kernel level and it prevents everything: zero day, memory scraping, code injection, weaponized documents, etc.

Appguard is a unique technology that was developed in 2009 in close collaboration with U.S. Intelligence agencies to solve a unique problem — How to secure an offline device from zero-day threats when it comes back online after an unknown amount of time.

Why AppGuard is the best way to protect your endpoints?

Tracking what applications and utilities do at kernel levels, AppGuard blocks all malware's intended actions. Instead of having to recognize good from bad which is why most alternatives fail.

Blocks Endpoint Attacks in Real-Time

AppGuard blocks all forms of endpoint attacks without needing to recognize the malicious code. It can block any new attack on day one without relying on inefficient detect and react methods.

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Makes Fileless Attacks Boring

Every malicious code attack has a starting place: vulnerable applications, accessible utilities. AppGuard places all such processes under guard and blocks any harmful action they attempt.

Puts Prevention Into Endpoint Protection

A large enterprise experiences an average of 2.5 successful endpoint attacks per week. With AppGuard it's ZERO. It serves as a true endpoint protection tool by focusing on prevention.

Reduces Operation & Labor Costs

The "detect and react" model is very labor and skills intensive, increasing overall cyber security spend on response and remediation management.

Lightweight Endpoint Protection

Centrally managed agent weight less than 1 MB on hard drive and 10 MB memory size, seldom exceeding 0.1% CPU space.

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Slashes Alerts Fatigue

Stopping attacks at the endpoint eliminates alerts from sources downstream. Unlike other endpoint protection tools that incur an operational burden from alerts they generate.

Adapts "Set & Forget"

Adapts to software updates and patches. It only needs to know of an applications parent executable, dynamically learning child executables and process at real time. No policy update needed.

Alleviates Patch Management Burden

To AppGuard an unpatched application is no different from a patched one. AppGuard dynamically contains their processes so they cannot do harmful actions.

Easy to Deploy

Over 95% of policies for single endpoints are already defined, making deployment simple and quick. Deploying one group has never taken more than two weeks.

Key Benefits AppGuard Enterprise: Zero Trust Endpoint Protection

  • Requires no updates or internet connection
  • Significantly reduces operating overhead
  • No file scanning, no static detection-based mechanism
  • Less than 1% CPU latency
  • Less than 1MB disk space on the endpoint
  • Reduces patch management burden
  • Broad Compatibility: PC: Windows Desktop and Laptop. Server: Windows, Linux. Cloud: AWS, Azure, VDI. ATMs, PoS

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AppGuard Enterprise: Compare Endpoint Security

Carbon Black Trend Micro FireEye AppGuard
Endpoint Preventative Protection - - - +
Extensive, Real-time Malware Blocking - - - +
Less Labor & Skills Intensive - - - +
One-time App Patches for Life - - - +
Protects Mission Critical Apps from Rest of Endpoint - - - +


Endpoint Preventative Protection

Extensive, Real-time Malware Blocking

Less Labor & Skills Intensive

One-time App Patches for Life

Protects Mission Critical Apps from Rest of Endpoint

Lightweight Endpoint Protection

Coexists with your Anti-virus

The best price


Why you need Endpoint Preventative Protection?

Blocks Endpoint Attacks in Real-Time with AppGuard

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