Upgraded Q series cameras with AI features

News | 24.07.2023

Leading global vision solution provider, Hanwha Vision announced the launch of new product innovation: Q series AI products. The most notable features are the supplementation of an AI engine which leads to advanced analysis efficiency and upgraded video resolution.

Through this innovation, Q series AI products enable customers to have a flexible choice of the right products for needed areas such as schools or retail businesses.

Hanwha Vision introduces AI-Powered Q series Lineup

First of all, the most notable feature is a reduction of false alarms, supported by the newly added AI function. To be specific, Q series AI products detect persons or vehicles based on motion detection in real-time and filter unnecessary movements such as waving leaves, shadows, or moving animals.

In other words, conventional products are used to detect parked vehicles while Q series AI products detect moving vehicles. In addition, the new Q series AI products generate metadata that includes object type (Person/Vehicle(car/bus/truck/motorcycle/bicycle)), which will be sent to the VMS/NVR to be used for forensic search. Forensic search dramatically enhances search efficiency by reducing time spent looking for events, which was available only in advanced line-ups.

Furthermore, AI-based analytics can prevent suspicious loitering by setting specific areas. Once the area is set, if a person does not leave for a certain period of time, the Q series AI products detect and alert the user. Therefore, places where require high level of security such as schools, government facilities or business retails can have enhanced quality of security. Also, the virtual line can be set and line-crossing detection is possible. Based on this, retail facilities can manage people counting to analyze their business insights.

Before the launch of Q series AI products, conventional Q series products offered up to 5MP. However, up to 8MP video resolution is now available with Q series AI products. In addition, the extended tilting angle from 67° to 70° provides a wider range of monitoring which can prevent any possible accidents at the blind spot. In addition, supporting IR in Micro Vandal is a big advantage. Most micro models from competitors are non-IR models and Hanwha’s conventional micro models do not support IR as well. Plus, one of the micro vandal products, QNV-C8012 with a 2.4mm lens offers a wider angle than the traditional 2.8mm lens, which leads to a cost-effective option as a single installation can monitor a larger area.

A representative from Hanwha Vision stated, “The new Q series AI products provide solid AI functions within a reasonable price of Q series. This innovation will benefit customers by enabling them to make the right solutions for their needs”.

The new Q series AI products comprise 7 models, available in 8MP/5MP resolutions with three different shapes: Vandal, Micro Vandal, and Bullet.