Trellix named a Leader in XDR Market

News | 05.07.2024

GigaOm named Trellix a Leader, and a Fast Mover in their 2024 GigaOm Radar Report for XDR. Trellix’s AI-powered XDR Platform enables organizations to consolidate security operations and improve threat prevention, detection, investigation, and remediation.

Enhanced with Trellix Wise, machine learning and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) tools, the Trellix XDR Platform triages 100% of Level 1 alerts while delivering multi-vector, multi-vendor detection and response. The expansive detection capabilities and cohesive ecosystem offering 500+ integrations are significant advantages for organizations looking for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution able to adapt to a variety of threats and technologies.

stated in 2024 GigaOm Radar Report for XDR

Key Features of Trellix XDR Platform:

  • «Exceptional» EDR capabilities: Good XDR platforms are built on strong endpoint and EDR solutions. Many industry experts consider these foundational to XDR as native or integrated third-party capabilities. GigaOm considers Trellix a top 3 vendor citing Trellix EDR and «top-tier endpoint protection».
  • Depth of Coverage: The report mentions Trellix strengths in «handling multi-vector, multi-vendor detection», which is a key outcome of XDR. Detection in today’s threat landscape isn’t just about seeing across threat vectors, you need to see across vectors from multiple vendors. Without this, you remain in a world of data silos, unable to get the most value from your existing investments. And you can’t have that without a «cohesive ecosystem offering numerous integrations», which is another Trellix strength cited by GigaOm. You also can’t detect threat actors that are increasingly working to evade detection by point tools. You need analytics that can tell you the full story of a threat. That’s why Trellix doesn’t just analyze data from your tools, we use multiple threat intelligence sources and insights from Trellix research team to uncover the latest tactics. Keeping up with the changing threat landscape is essential and as the report notes, Trellix capabilities are able to provide «advantages for organizations looking for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that can adapt to a variety of threats and technologies».
  • Maturity and Expertise: Investing in XDR requires a good long look at which vendors are established security experts and who is innovating to stay ahead of the curve. The threat landscape is always changing after all, and you don’t want to get left behind by an investment in a vendor that isn’t keeping up with attackers. In the report, GigaOm recognizes Trellix «established presence and depth of cybersecurity expertise», while also noting that «Fast Mover status highlights the company’s speed in adapting and extending its capabilities to meet emerging security needs and integration requirements». This speed in meeting changing market demands while being a stronger, future-proof platform can be seen by latest innovation, Trellix Wise which brings GenAI to Trellix XDR platform. It triages 100% of level 1 alerts in under 3 minutes and provides 40 times faster detection. With as much as 3 times the number of integrations offered by competing XDR solution providers, Trellix is better positioned to meet you where you are today and support you in the future.

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