Transitioning to Remote SOC Team Training with Cyber Range

News | 30.04.2020

Training remote distributed SOC teams is now a necessity. With security teams unable to travel and working from home, we are required to rethink the way we prepare our cybersecurity teams to face cyberattacks.

How do we collaborate, communicate, and manage incidents as a team, when our analysts are not sitting in the same room? And how do we train them when they cannot travel to courses and congregate in tabletop exercises?

Cyberbit, the global leading provider of cloud-based cyber range training, is one of the only companies running full-length cyberattack simulation exercises for remote SOC teams.

In this webinar we will share our experience from hundreds of remote training exercises. We will discuss the challenges of managing incidents in virtual and remote SOCs, and how can we replicate the experience of responding to threats in a distributed environment, so we can maintain our team’s effectiveness in the new reality.
This webinar is intended for security leaders, SOC team members and service providers working, or transitioning to remote work and distributed SOCs

You will learn:
. What are the potential incident response pitfalls in a distributed SOC
. How our security teams can collaborate in a social-distanced work environment
. How organizations are training remote SOC teams by means of cloud-based simulation

Webinar: Transitioning to Remote SOC Team Training with Cyber Range
Date: May 19, 2020 - 10:00 CET (Vienna)
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This Webinar is co-hosted by Cyberbit and Softprom.