Top 5 Innovations for Installers from Hanwha Techwin

Reportage | 22.07.2022

Hanwha Techwin is renowned for our installer-friendly product features — so we put together a short review to demonstrate the main innovations you can expect with Wisenet products. Read and Watch below:

#1. Modular Camera Design

Wisenet X dome cameras have been designed to significantly reduce the time normally needed for installation, set-up and maintenance adjustments.

Wisenet X dome cameras are equipped with a number of practical features which help minimize the time installers have to spend on site.

With a four-part magnetic modular design that simplifies the installation process, Wisenet X dome cameras are equipped with a number of practical features which help minimize the time installers have to spend on site.

These include:

  • Magnets which lock sensor modules into the dome housing
  • Prefigure IP network settings without the need to remove the camera module from the box
  • The network cable can be inserted through the waterproof gland with the aid of an RJ45 plastic push-through device, negating the need to re-make a cable end
  • A motorized PTRZ (Pan, tilt, rotate, and zoom) gimbal which enables installers to remotely pan, tilt, rotate and zoom the lens position in order to set the camera’s field of view.

#2. PoE extender cameras

Wisenet X series PoE Extender cameras. Hanwha Techwin

Wisenet X series PoE Extender cameras are equipped with a secondary network port, allowing you to power and connect an additional network camera or network device (I/O controller, PIR sensor, etc.) at distances of up to 80 m away — saving you time and money on long cabling and installation.

PoE Extender cameras provide an equally cost-effective solution for new installations as they reduce the number of network ports and switches, as well as the amount of cabling, required. Installation ease is matched by a considerable reduction in the cost of the time system integrators would normally have to spend on-site to install new cameras.

#3. Wisenet X PTZ PLUS

Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras deliver an optimal PTZ performance thanks to Hanwha Techwin’s proprietary chipset Wisenet7, its unique 4K 25x lens and platforms. The cameras are available in 4K/6MP/2MP resolutions and 25x/40x powerful zoom, providing the partners and end users with a variety of choices in a lineup

Hanwha Techwin Expands PTZ Plus Camera Line. Featuring 65% lighter design, AI-based object tracking, enhanced water shedding and 200m IR illumination

The Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras are compact and up to 65% lighter than conventional PTZ cameras. This increased the pan/tilt speed while reducing the installer’s burden during installation. The cameras require engineers to simply match three points and twist for fastening between camera mounts. The installation convenience is also improved with a simple cable connection through a single RJ45 cable.

Wisenet multi-directional cameras with motorized PTRZ

Wisenet P series multi-sensor cameras are equipped with multiple sensors, allowing them to effectively monitor with simultaneously multiple directions with just a single device without any blind spots.

By installing Wisenet multi-sensor cameras, the cost of system installation and maintenance is reduced while successfully monitoring wide areas.

Four cameras in one. Multi-directional cameras have four sensors in one camera
Remote motorized PTRZ control for easy installation

Life will also be much easier for installers with Wisenet P series multi-sensor cameras that supports motorized PTRZ (Pan, tilt, rotate, and zoom).

These will reduce on-site times as they enable engineers to remotely pan, tilt and rotate the lens’ positions in order to set the camera’s field of view.

#5. Ready to work Wisenet AI analytics

With edge-based AI the data is analysed by the camera first and subsequently sent to the server. This reduces the burden of transferring and storing large amounts of data to a server, thereby increasing efficiency, saving time, and reducing server costs typically required to analyze data.

AI-based object detection for operational efficiency

Wisenet AI cameras detect and classify people, vehicles, faces, license plates, and more in real-time.

With a range of available resolutions from 2MP to 4K, the cameras’ deep-learning algorithms can reliably identify multiple distinct objects. Reduce false alarms due to none interesting motion, like wind-blown trees, shadows, or animals.

Analytics become a reliable second pair of eyes to operators helping them know where to look for important real-time events while making post-event forensic searches highly efficient.

Wisenet AI camera analytics are fully integrated into Wisenet SSM, Wisenet WAVE, Milestone XProtect, and other VMS.

For installers specifically, offering edge AI as part of your installations helps you stand out in the market, by offering solutions for many different use cases. Out-of-the-box solutions are extremely attractive to end-users who don’t have the time or resources to set up video analytics manually. AI cameras like the ones in the Wisenet X Series and P Series work straight from the box so there’s no need for video analytics experts to fine-tune the analytics. Installers don’t have to spend valuable time configuring complex server-side software. Of course, this also has a knock-on positive impact on training time and costs.


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