Top 10 Cyberattacks of 2023

News | 03.01.2024

2023 saw an uptick of cyberattacks across many industries. Waterfall Security infographic focuses on cyberattacks in 2023 that impacted industrial operations, specifically Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) that are commonly used within critical and important infrastructure.

Top 10 Cyberattacks of 2023

  1. Ransomware hits the Dole Food Company. Industry: Food & Beverage.
  2. SAF-Holland Group ransomed by BlackCat (ALPHV) affiliate. Industry: Discrete Manufacturing.
  3. GhostSec hacktivists exploit vulnerabilities at Galil Sewage Corp. Industry: Water & Wastewater.
  4. A network intrusion at Badische Stahlwerke (BSW). Industry: Process Manufacturing.
  5. Americold ops iced by novel Cactus ransomware threat actor. Industry: Building Automation.
  6. 22 Danish Critical Energy Infrastructure sites narrowly avoid a suspected nation-state attack. Industry: Power, Oil & Gas.
  7. LockBit ransomware infects Granules India. Industry: Pharmaceutical.
  8. Brunswick Corporation. Industry: Discrete Manufacturing.
  9. Scattered Spider causes operational chaos for MGM Resorts. Industry: Building Automation.
  10. Cyber attack freezes DP World’s 4 Australian ports. Industry: Transportation.

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