ThreatQ Community - An exclusive community for threat intelligence sharing

News | 25.10.2023

Private community of more than 100 experienced cyber security pros sharing intel to level-up threat detection and response.

Softprom and ThreatQuotient invite you to apply to our exclusive community of over 100 experienced cybersecurity professionals who are dedicated to sharing valuable insights to enhance threat detection and response. Together, we can strengthen our cybersecurity knowledge and defenses.

Here's what you can gain by joining ThreatQ Community:

  • Trusted Membership: Our community is comprised of more than 100 carefully vetted members. You can trust that you'll be part of a network of experienced and trusted cybersecurity experts.
  • Access to ThreatQ: Enjoy free access to a hosted instance of ThreatQ, a powerful threat intelligence platform that will significantly enhance your cybersecurity efforts.
  • Rich Intel: Our community provides access to over 50 threat intelligence feeds. Furthermore, our members actively share their insights and intelligence, providing a valuable resource for your work. Your contributions to the community are entirely at your discretion.

Apply today at!