The inefficiency and emotionlessness of chatbots are a threat to business.

News | 21.07.2020

The chatbots usage in customer support services can lead to business losses and even company bankruptcy.
While chatbots are a great way to reduce your customer support costs, negative customer experience after contacting chatbots can lead to purchasing refusal or loss of interest to a product or service.
This is the conclusion reached by participants in a study conducted by the Brunel Business School, the results of which were published in the Services Industry Journal.
Researchers consider the main disadvantages of chatbots:

  • An excessive number of meaningless questions.
  • Lack of empathy and specific answers.
  • The bot's failure to solve complex problems.

As a result of this customers feel cheated. Therefore, companies that decide to use a chatbot in their work should pay special attention to setting up algorithms or at least insure it with a live specialist-consultant. Source: